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Hello friends, and happy new year? Christ, I am so sorry. A lot happened and I had to shelve Obaranda. In no particular order, I got (a) new job(s), enrolled in a software engineeering school (your boy is a fullstack dev!) and so I had to hide my baby.

But my baby kept kicking. I have literally been unable to forget Obaranda, and so I am taking it out for a spin with a tentative, short-duration comic series titled 'Rubicon'.

I hope you enjoy it. I'm diverging from several aspects of my style. One of them being that I typically like a lot of dialogue, but I'm trying for more expressions on-page and dialogue only where necessary. Like marmite, you're bound to love it or hate it.

Whatever the case, let me know! This is my learning ground.

Comic transcript

We see a generic store in the horizon. You come here to stock up on basic supplies. Groceries, that sort of thing.

Inside, we see a line forming in front of the checkout counter. Everyone - include the checkout attendant lady - is wearing a facemask.

Then we hear a cough offpage, and we see panic-stricken faces.

This is page one.

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