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A short note on nuanced content

This is unrelated, as usual to this comic, but I've been thinking about content. And, of course, meta-content.

You know how something happens, then people create content about the thing that happened, and people create content about the content about the thing that happened, and so on...

I like it. A lot. It's how someone gets to run a blog based entirely on the Star Wars universe, or how some accounts run based on meta-commentary on Trump tweets, dividing even such a literal man into subcontexts and plots, creating infinite combinations in infinite diversities of potential content outcomes.

In Nigeria, we may be experiencing that problem, where political discourse tends to skyrocket to the basest of denominators: your father is a goat, my mother is a whore, and if you wish my candidate evil, you will surely die.

Creating content for such a readership tends to strip down the fine arts in favor of bland directness, with no frills or decoration.

And we suffer for it.

I propose that the way to fix this is to first create content for small group of people, a fan-base that indulges you enough to care about your contexts and nuances.

If you chook hand for that side and I chook hand for this side, we fit fix this thing.

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