The Nigerian condition, illustrated.

What's Obaranda?

"Honey, what are we?"

If it helps, think of Obaranda as a beer parlor.

You are the guest, and the cartoons, illustrations and posts here are the other patrons at this hypothetical pub.

Here, all the things that happen in the outside world, those things which exasperate and horrify you, which make you want to pull out your hair and yell at somebody, they become fodder for banter.

Here, everything is at once funny and stupid and relatable. Everything's hilarious when you are drunk.

Obaranda is a webcomic that paints the Nigerian condition in broad strokes. While Obaranda can sometimes be funny, humor is not its primary aim: Obaranda seeks to originally (as far as that can be managed) interpret the nuances of interaction in ways that makes people click their fingers and say ‘exactly.’

Obaranda is life. In pictures.